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Geographics®, Royal Brites® and Royal Lace® products

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Royal Brites 24301 Poster Board 1440x543
Royal Brites Logo

Royal Brites®

The innovative Royal Brites® C2S Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board and Accessories products are made from the best quality materials with proprietary coating formulas that offer competitive advantage.
All our display board products are great for  home, school and office use.
We offer Science Fair and School Projects, Arts and Crafts Creative Projects, Signs and Signage, etc…
Check out our four major product lines: Poster Board, Foam Board, Project Board and Poster Accessories. Our patented Two Cool® colors Poster Board concept, a different color on each side, makes the Royal Brites® Poster Board more effective and unique! Two products in one! Great for retailers and customers, alike!

Royal brites UltraBrites

Ultra-Brite Boars

Innovative Glitter and Holographic display board from Royal Brites! Poster Board that shines almost like the sun…
Made for announcements, signs that scream for attention, school and arts and crafts projects.
Ultra Brite® Borders reflect more light than enters onto their surface, spreading amazing colors.
Use them to add appeal and elegance and enhance any project that is worth attention. Ultra Brite® bright borders offer brilliant frames to the smooth white poster board surface.
Great help for teachers and students;
Water and fade resistant! Ideal for use with paints, markers, pencils and adhesives.
Use Ultra Brite® products in combination with Royal Brites® Project Board and Poster Accessories, for projects that catch the eye!
The heavyweight poster board resists wrinkling and curling.

geographics logo

Greographics® – Printable Designer Stationery

Geographics® reminds us of “Where Creativity Begins…”
GeoPaper® has been a favorite since the 1980’s.
The fancy, printable design paper, certificates, business stationery, brochures, cards and invitations showed customers the importance of going from a blank piece of paper to something more valuable that represented them or their business.
Consider “More Than Words Can Say…” our slogan that says it all…
Founded in 1974, Geographics became the innovator and leader in high-quality designer stationery for desktop publishing.
Geographics Stationery and Awards and Recognition products serve the Home, School and Office market needs.
A convenient and affordable way of communicating, Geo Designer Stationery can be easily customized using Word Templates, Clip Art and Wording.
Our ICLICKNPRINT DESIGN CENTER offers free customization, and professional looking results with Synchronization, Merge, Shapes, Lines, Clip Art, Templates and Wording.
Do it yourself, grab attention and make a bold statement like a pro with Geographics Designer Stationery!

Royal Lace Logo

Royal Lace® – Paper Doilies

Royal Lace® Paper Doilies have been manufactured in the USA since the 1920’s.
Our very special and elegant doilies use exclusive, artisan-designed steel-dies that replicate unique royal lace patterns, genuine antique lace artifacts that can be seen today in the European museums.
Royal Lace can make a table look quite royal with minimum expenditure.
The Royal Lace brand also features Baking Cups, Banner and Shelf Paper rolls.

mygeoprint logo

MyGeoPrint® – Your Custom Printing Solution

MyGeoPrint® is the new Geographics® Print on Demand website that provides custom printing services
for a variety of School, Home and Business needs.
Check out our classic Geographics® designs, new designs, print on demand clothing, promotional products and more.
We invite you to visit the store frequently as we are adding new products, daily.
Please ask us for any specific items that you would like to see available and we
will do our best to make them available, shortly.



ClicknPrint® is a free online customization design tool that allows customers to personalize and print a variety of products:
– Geographics® Designer Stationery
– Geographics Certificates, Diplomas and Awards
– Royal Brites® Poster Board, Foam Board Project Board and Photo Paper Geographics and Royal Lace patterns for Arts and Crafts with Doilies.
Most products that are manufactured under the Royal Consumer Products, brands can be customized here..
The IClicknPrint® solution was created to save customers time and money.
Now, customers have control over the customization process with pre-set templates, clip art, suggested wording, great fonts and colors, shapes and lines, etc…MERGE is a new feature that saves lots of time and effort. Try it and let us know what you think!

Royal Brites® Poster Board Video
Royal Brites® Display Board Video
Royal Brites® Foam Board Video
Royal Brites® Science Fair Project Video