Frequently Asked Questions - Product Information FAQ

The last five digits from the upc bar code (except the small number beside), is the product number.
Our Matte Papers can be printed on both sides.
Our glossy photo paper is designed to print on only one side, so it is important to be able to distinguish between the two sides.
Typically, the paper is packaged with the printable side facing up in the box.
The proper side will be more reflective if held in the light, and may feel slightly sticky if touched with a finger.
Photo Paper, High Gloss - 69lb, 9 Mil, 96 Bright
Photo Paper, Matte - 9.5 mil and 65lb
Photo Paper, Glossy - 55lb, 7 Mil, 96 Bright
Brochure Paper - 36lb, 90 Bright
Canvas Paper - 103lb
Magnetic Paper - 11 Mil
Business Cards - 65lb 7 mil 3.5 x 2”
Greeting Cards - 65lb Scored for easy folding
Open Publisher. Go to ‘Blank Publications’ and select the Business card.
Input your information. Go to ‘File,’ down to ‘Print,’ and in the lower left hand corner select ‘Page options.’
Make sure that ‘Print multiple copies per sheet’ is selected, and then click on ‘Custom Options.’
Set your margins as follows:
Side Margin - 0.75, Top Margin - 0.5, Vertical and Horizontal Gaps – 0.  Select ‘OK.’
It should now show a sample of the layout. Select ‘OK’ to print.